Reviews: History of Present Complaint by HLR

So my debut prosetry collection History of Present Complaint has been out in the world for 2 weeks now!


The response so far has been incredible. The wonderful people who have taken the time to read HoPC, some of whom have been following my writing for years, some of whom are new to me and my work, have been nothing but supportive and complimentary.

I still can’t believe that my mad story has travelled from its birthplace in north London to readers in countries as far as Alaska and Japan. I’m lucky that it’s fallen into good hands and been received with kindness and praise.

If you’d like to read HoPC you can get a copy here:

If you’ve read HoPC, I’d love to hear your thoughts! You can email me at and/or leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Here are some reviews of HoPC that made me cry with gratitude:

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Much love and thanks to everyone that’s read HoPC and supported me <3

H xx


  1. I did write a review on the kindle app through my iPad, I’m not sure it went anywhere, but it did say thank you! I shall have to look into it – I gave it 5 stars! :)

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