Do men take pepper spray with them whenever they pop to the shop?

7pm, Saturday night, north London in lockdown.

A young woman has to go to the supermarket.

What she needs to get:

  • milk
  • apples
  • cheese
  • cat food
  • toilet roll

What she needs to take:

  • bag for life
  • face mask, hand sanitizer
  • homemade pepper spray
  • personal attack alarm w/ torch feature
  • glasses, so she can see her surroundings


    1. I’m sorry, Jude <3 this is wider comment on the murder of a young woman who was walking alone on a busy main road at 9.30pm and took many of the safety precautions us women (sadly) employ, and she STILL wasn't safe, was kidnapped and murdered by a policeman.

      Just devastating. It has sparked huge discourse about women's safety so this is my response.

      Hope you're keeping well and looking after yourself, lovely Jude :) xx

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