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‘On The Cusp’ by HLR
SHORTLISTED: Lunate Flash 500 competition

‘Lasagne’ by HLR
WINNER: The Cambridge Prize for Flash Fiction

HLR was a resident writer at Hijacked Amygdala from its inception in March 2016, posting new writing every Friday until April 2020.
You can read all of her contributions to Hijacked Amygdala here.

An exclusive prose poem ‘Vignettes Of Violation’ by HLR has been published in landmark anthology We Will Not Be Silenced (2018), which is available for purchase in Kindle format and paperback in the US here and UK here.

HLR is the author of a critical edition of Mother and Daughter (an uncompleted sonnet sequence) by Augusta Webster (2014). This book is available through the University of London. If you do not have access to the University of London library/archive services and think that you may find this edition useful to your studies, you can request it directly by emailing: