Standing on the cliff edge
two steps away from certain death
I hurled the contents of the velvet box
into the Atlantinc; piece by piece,
broken-promise by failed-engagement ring,
years of tears and diamonds and memories flew
down into the sea; now all that silver sparkling pain
is at the mercy of something bigger and angrier than me
so why don’t I feel as free as I thought I would be

Originally published by The Hungry Ghost Project: Issue #2 – Bad Objects. Get your copy here.


    1. <3 hope you're doing okay, Tara. And I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for your incredible review of History of Present Complaint (I rarely check my reviews so sorry for the delay) – every word meant so much to me (actually made me cry!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart! xx

      1. I’m okay.
        And you’re very welcome. I love that book. You’re an incredible writer and then to compile your work in such a way… wow. I want everyone to read it.

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