Custody Conversations

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Excerpt from History of Present Complaint by HLR (Close to the Bone, 2021). To read more, get a copy here.

THANK YOU to every single person who has read HoPC, shared it, reviewed it, been so encouraging and supportive of me and my work. You all mean the world to me <3

If you:

  • can’t afford or access a copy of HoPC (for whatever reason)
  • suffer from mental illness and/or know someone who does and think my book might help in any way
  • are a mental health blogger/advocate, or you’re working to raise awareness and destigmatise mental illness
  • are a book reviewer who has an interest in prose poetry/poetry/chapbooks and/or memoirs about mental health/illness
  • are studying/training/working in mental health care
  • would like to educate yourself about the realities of chronic mental illness and the failures in the UK mental health system under a Tory government

… I’d really love to hear from you!!!

Please don’t hesitate to email me, H, in complete confidence [] or reach out to me on Twitter @HLRwriter




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