Things He Said in Bed

Everyone’s dead / all my family’s dead now / it’s just me.

Last man standing but I feel like I’m falling down.

I don’t love her / haven’t for a while / don’t know how to end it.

8 years is a long time in this town but she fucking stabbed me! That’s not normal, is it? That’s not love. Is it? If it was the other way around and I had stabbed her, I’d be in prison.

My kid isn’t even mine!

We don’t belong here / we should leave / you should leave him.

Can I tell you a secret? I’ve recently become a millionaire.

Our favourite people are dead / they’ve left us / there’s nothing here for us / let’s just leave.

I’ll look after you.

I’m scared you’ll write about me, and it’ll be all bad.

There’s nothing for us here but grief.

Disappear with me / please / let’s just go: say the word and we’ll go.

I thought there was nobody as mad as me and then I met you.

You are the other half of me.

If anyone asks me about you, I tell them you’re my solicitor.

I can make you so happy, if you let me.

Please don’t leave me.

I need you / want you / love you so badly.

Wait! Stop. Be quiet… she’s ringing me now.

Sorry. She’s on her way here. Do you mind leaving?

Please / quickly / sorry.

Is that your hairband or hers?

By the way, we need to get our story straight.


Originally published at Nauseated Drive (July 2021)


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