Notions of Infinity

Screenshot 2021-08-09 at 13.47.27

Forever’s never guaranteed
but still you wrote the F-word
inside every card you ever sent to me.

I cannot bring myself to throw these cards away.
They are proof that Forever once existed—for me, anyway.

One day, when I’m stronger or stranger or older or braver,
I’ll shred these fanciful notions of infinity that were once
a thing of beauty but are now saturated in heavy misery.

Yes, I will bin your sweet words eventually—one day,
someday, but not today— today, I need to remember
that someone loved me once. That once, I was loved.

I was loved. And what a thing it was
to have been loved by you.


Originally published by Green Ink Poetry as part of the Pyres Collection (Aug 2021). Read the full issue here.




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