How Could You?

You used my own body against me. This flesh
that is mine to weaponise. This house that is mine
to demolish, not yours to rent out / trash / ask for
your deposit back. I didn’t think you were capable
of such cruelty, didn’t know you had it in you. And
yeah, in the moment it sounded sexy but I don’t need
to understand Spanish to know that the words you
whispered in my ear that night were really truly nasty:
don’t you know that malice translates easily, mi cariño.

Originally published by Outcast Press in Poetry Vol II. Read the full issue here.


  1. This is really sad. People can be devious, malicious sociopaths sometimes. Sorry you had to go through this. I picked up your book on Amazon btw. Haven’t started yet, but planning to binge read soon. Hope you’ve been well.


    1. Ah, he was a bastard, but I pushed him out of my life a few years ago so I rarely think of him now. Thank you for reading 🙏 and thank you for picking up HoPC! Your opinion means a lot to me so I really hope you like it. Sorry I haven’t been around on here much. I think of you often, and hope that you and yours are doing well. Much love to you, Nitin ❤☺

  2. Wow, at the same time, this is heartbreaking but it is powerful especially at the end. Taking what was always yours back, that’s how I interpret this piece and it’s empowering to me. So stirring, you could feel the malice and anger.

    1. Oh Lucy, I’m always so pleased when someone -gets- what I mean in a poem, when the message -does- come across 🙏 thank you so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate you!! ❤❤❤

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