Blind by HLR – for my Dad on Father’s Day

I wanted to share this poem about my Dad, for my Dad, today on Father’s Day. This poem is particularly special to me. My book, History of Present Complaint, is written in the second person: the ‘you’ in each section is the narrator referring to herself. There is only one poem in the whole book in which the narrator calls herself ‘I’ – the ‘you’ is her father. I hope that the significance of this speaks for itself. 

Dad – I miss you when I blink, and I can’t wait to see you again. Thank you for everything; it’s a privilege to be your daughter. Cheers, Daddy Cool. This one’s for you. Forever & a day xxx

Screenshot 2021-06-20 at 13.53.30


  1. I was thinking of you so much yesterday! I’ve read your book 3 times now and still smile and tear up at the same parts…but I have to apologise for not getting round to reviewing it properly yet. LY x

    1. Hey lovely! So sorry I only spotted your comment now. THANK YOU for reading HoPC, I’m thrilled that you like it and so grateful for your kindness and encouragement – it means the whole world <3 I look forward to reading your review! Sending love to you and the family, hoping you're all well xxx

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