In Lieu Of New Writing From Me…

…check out these brilliant blogs run by brilliant people! <3

Click the links below to discover all sorts: literary collectives, poetry, journal style entries, lists, personal essays, photography, art, illustration, short stories, flash fiction, and more!

So, in no particular order:

Hijacked Amygdala


Feeding The Good Wolf

London Poet

Ebony and Crows

Ogden Fahey – Art


Lost Balloon

My Screaming Twenties

Defining Yellow



The Brokedown Pamphlet

judeitakali / tales never told

Tara Caribou / Raw Earth Ink


Images from Finchley

42 Days Younger Than Kylie


They Call It Blue

If you’re interested in my life outside of WordPress, you can find me on Twitter!

For mildly-amusing observations, updates about what I’m currently working on, me calling out errors/typos/fuckups made by “very serious, highly-paid, ‘professional’ editors,” drunken ramblings, a photo diary of the plant I’m growing, news of my forthcoming publications, insights into London life, depressing quotations by great writers, reviews of all the books I read, and even a selfie of my actual face (gasp!) go to

H xx


    1. Becky! I had intended to put you to this list but could only find your Sleeveless site and WP said it hasn’t been updated for a year so didn’t want to draw attention/traffic to a site or project you might have “moved on from”, if that makes sense?

      Please reply with the link to your poetry site and I’ll add it to the list! (Couldn’t find it yesterday on the stupid WP phone app) xx

      1. Should be working now! I recently made it private to do some updates, now it’s up & running again at thanks lovely! (Also Sleeveless is still good, just ran out of things to say!!)

      2. Ooohh well, couple of weeks ago I went outdoors in my local area wearing a playsuit with thin straps (both arms bare incl. shoulders, and legs bare) for the first time since summer 2013.

        Was outside in public like that for an hour and it was fucking terrifying (been psyching myself up for months, sometimes putting on shorts and a tshirt during heatwaves, getting to my front door and then bottling it and putting long clothes on, you know how it goes) but… NOTHING BAD HAPPENED. The world didn’t end. Nobody noticed my scars. Nobody called me fat or ugly or a slag. I did it! And it was okay! Haven’t done it since but I plan to do it again this weekend.

        AND, I swear to god, I don’t think I would’ve done it if it weren’t for your Sleeveless project. I always have your bravery in mind whenever I go sleeveless (3/4 sleeves). So thank you <3 I think you're a remarkable human being, and I'm so grateful for our friendship (even if it is only through screens). You're awesome! xx

      3. Wow, I’m really proud of you! Thank you for this wonderful comment. It’s made me happy for you, & inspired me to maybe do more with Sleeveless.

        It’s such a scary thing, and so brave of you to go out like that. It’s a huge build up, and then the funniest thing is that the majority of people are so wrapped up in their own business that they don’t even blink!

        (I say majority… I had a weird moment at the park recently- another story!)

        I’m thankful for our friendship too, always happy to hear from you :) xx

    1. Not at all, love! Your writing always “gets to me” whether it feels like someone’s holding my heart or kicking me in the stomach or giving me a reassuring squeeze on my shoulder – everyone should read your words! Xx

    1. Your blog posts form one of the most true, genuine, honest accounts of living with mental illness I’ve ever found on wordpress.

      There’s no sugar-coating or ulterior motive or falseness in your writing and, from my experience of reading mental health blogs, that is a really rare and special thing. Your diary-style posts are beautifully written too.

      I’d recommend your blog to who feels like they are fighting their (or a loved ones’) mental battles alone. <3 <3

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