1st July marked the midpoint of 2020 (183 days done, 183 days to go)

So far this year I have

– spent January booze-free

– read 64 books

– had 25 poems, stories and essays published

– entered 3 writing competitions (1 shortlist, 1 win, 1 pending)

– finally moved house

– not physically self-injured in 98 days (discounting the 100-odd days I’ve abused cocaine, alcohol and prescription drugs)

– practised Pilates

– made new friends

– reconnected with old friends (finally met up with my darling girlfriends who I thought I’d lost for good – love them more than ever and am determined to never lose sight of them again)

– completed a poetry chapbook about my psychotic episode and detainment in September 2019

– stuck to my new year’s resolution of writing every single day!

“But when the student sits down at her paper or at her computer screen, when she faces the blank page, all those great writers, all that tradition, all the critical skills she has learned, become a weight upon her shoulders, a tourniquet upon her psyche, a gag for her mouth. Nothing she has to say, nothing she will write, will live up to those standards. And often, not surprisingly, she finds that the most difficult part of her task is simply sitting down to write and continuing to write on a regular basis.”

– I can’t for the life of me remember who wrote that but it wasn’t me

I am proud of myself and ashamed of myself and, today, that’s okay.

Tell me what 2020 has been like for you so far? Successes and failures, little wins and things to work on, silly and sad, covid and non-covid: all answers are welcome ❀


  1. Its just been shite! In all honesty, total shite! I’m glad to say things have been getting better for me in general, but not this year – things got stymied – somethings probably moving in the right direction subconsciously, perhaps fear of death is being replaced by terminal boredom, might that be a good thing? πŸ˜‰ Xx

    1. Oh Ogden, I’m sorry things are all-round shite for you πŸ™ but, as you said, things ARE getting better – the only way is up! (I hope)

      Read this ttweet that sums up my year so far

      “Oscillating constantly being between revolutionary optimism and apocalyptic nihilism like I’m coming down from molly for the first time”


      Take care of yourself, OF xx

      1. Thanks HLR, I have been a bit despondent lately, due to levels of shiteness in the general population I think! What can you do? :) Gak! :D Xx

      2. Totally understandable. I just thought, since I’m not creating anything new for TH, I’d send any disappointed readers your way so that they may revel in your mad art instead :D x

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