Recent Publications

Here’s a roundup of some of the work I’ve had published in 2020 so far:

Moondance (creative prose)
In Parentheses magazine – Winter 2020


Found in Phone Notes (6 micro poems)
Dust Poetry Magazine – Issue 1: January


Two poems by HLR:
– Etc.
– The View From The Smoking Room
Chantarelle’s Notebook – a poetry e-zine – 09/02/2020


Poetry by HLR:
– (Ador)/(Deplor)able
– (This) Isn’t It
– To Love X Y and Z
– Things You’ll Find When I Die
– Lent
Anti-Heroin Chic – February 2020


You Are More Than The Sum of Your Parts (hybrid: experimental prose/poetry)
Re-side – Issue 4: BODIES


On The Cusp (flash fiction)
Shortlisted in the Lunate 500 Flash Fiction competition


Empty (poetry)
Featured poet: Constellate Literary Journal – Issue 4: March-July


+ short story by HLR
Longlisted in TSS The Cambridge Flash Fiction Prize 2020



Two poems by HLR:
– Inheritance
– The Swim
Ghost Heart Literary Journal (Issue 1)


Parapraxis (poetry)
Royal Rose / The Castle (April 2020)


A Brief History of Tea (CNF/memoir)
The Hellebore (Summer/Fall 2020)


  1. That a great list. I had a squiz at a few of the publication summaries. Encouraging to see such positive efforts for the Art of Creating. Amidst everything else going on may you
    Be Well
    Be Aware
    Be Safe
    Be Cared for
    Be Hopeful

    1. Thank you so much for your kind wishes – may you do the same. And thank you for being one of my longest-standing readers on here! I hope you agree that my writing has significantly improved over the years :’) x

      1. You’re welcome. 😊
        I’ve always enjoyed the clarity and depth of your writing, the pictures it paints in my mind as I read. And you have developed that beautifully. There’s even more depth and meaningful story contained within your words now.(Which is what I’m trying to get back to for myself) I’m super impressed. Keep it up and never stop writing, it matters! xo

  2. You are extremely talented and I love reading your words. Congratulations on all those ❤️

  3. Congratulations Helena! You deserve this and much more success. You’re a great writer ♥️ I loved your Emily Dickinson micro poem btw. It made me chuckle!

    1. Thank you, kind soul – coming from as writer as talented as yourself, this is a HUGE compliment and is very much appreciated <3 <3 <3

      1. I’m humbled by your words because I think you’re one of the best writers on WP. Your raw, uncompromising style of writing and dealing with hard reality makes the reader think and feel deeply. I’ve often read your posts and have felt a kick to the gut or a surge of emotion. You express yourself in a way that not many writers can. Once again you deserve all the success. Find your strength in writing dear Helena ❤️

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