I don’t know if this ache is heartbreak (a) or cocaine (b) or my body physically manifesting all the mental pain (c) that my brain cannot contain & I am not the first poet to notice that these words rhyme & I won’t be the last fuckup to die of (a), (b), (c) or a combination of all three & I can’t keep doing this but of course I will because I’m  insane   a total fucking fruitcake   about to break  ill.


Originally published at Hijacked Amygdala here.


    1. You’re so lovely <3 I've been somewhat absent on WP lately and I missed you especially! Really hope you're keeping well xxx

      1. You were so noticeable by your absence and I’ve thought about you lot – but I’ve not been around as much either. I’m really doing ok…much more content as a newly single woman haha xxx Please keep writing and don’t be a stranger xx

      2. Didn’t know your name before!…thank you Nitin (who I’ve also missed)

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