BEST OF 2019

Here are my top posts of 2019. Big love and thanks to everyone who has read my work, and supported and encouraged me on WordPress this year and all the years before: you’re all rockstars and I am so grateful that you exist. Happy Holidays! ♥♥♥


  1. Etc.
  2. A Room Of One’s Own
  3. Don’t
  4. 55
  5. Oil
  6. Red Sea
  7. Elsewhere
  8. On Melancholy [FVR]
  9. Enough
  10. Inheritance [HA]


  1. Creep [HA]
  2. She, in September [HA]
  3. Dis-ease [HL&M]
  4. ‘til Death [HA]
  5. Oh, Man [HA]


  1. Wonderful, Miserable
  2. The F Word [HA]
  3. On The Cusp [HA]
  4. SCUM [HA]
  5. You, in October


  1. Birthday Beats
  2. A Brief History of Tea [HA]
  3. Report
  4. The Immaculate Depression [HA]
  5. No Thing


  1. 30 Things To Do Instead Of Dying [HA]
  2. Things You’ll Find When I Die [NaPo]
  3. A Letter to The Girl Next Door [HA]
  4. Literally
  5. Things That Have Made Me Cry Recently


  1. 010519
  2. 110419
  3. 110519
  4. 1119
  5. 070519


  1. The Sense Of An Ending [FVR]
  2. Want (2) [NaPo]
  3. A Sorry State Of Affairs [HA]
  4. The Retrogression of Self [FVR]
  5. My Own Ghost
  6. Talking [FVR]
  7. Lovely [HA]
  8. -algia
  9. All Roads Lead To Seven Sisters [FVR]
  10. Pablo 2.0 [HA]


FVR = Free Verse Revolution
HA = Hijacked Amygdala
HL&M = Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen
NaPo = NaPoWriMo/National Poetry Writing Month (April 2019)

3 thoughts on “BEST OF 2019

  1. Your work this year has been phenomenal 🖤 I have loved everything you have sent to FVR this year. The Sense of An Ending and The Retrogression of Self were my absolute favourites xx

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