Things I am thankful for today, in no particular order:

Brother. Literacy. Tap water. Clean water. Hot water. Water. Books. Niece and nephews. Dental care. Boyfriend. Ex-boyfriends. Writers. Orange juice. Venlafaxine. Passport. [Access to] art in all its forms. The staff at this hotel. Bob Dylan. The right to vote. Broccoli. A smile from a stranger. Ocean. Free contraceptive injection. Sleep. Sleep without nightmares. Eggs. Arsene Wenger. Silence. Oxybutynin. Cerveza. Being born and raised in London. Being in Mexico. Having a bank account. Having eyes. Having had the best Dad in the world. Every single soul who reads my writing. Every single soul who told me not to give up.

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  1. I love orange juice, eggs and I admire Arsene. I love my mom, and I also love access to different art forms. This post cheered me up immensely. I had a terrible day, and so, thank you for this.

    1. Thanks lovely, Jude! I miss Wenger, he was the most consistent man in my life for 22 years. I saw him in a restaurant last week and he looked happy and relaxed, the opposite of how he seemed in those last few years at Arsenal xx

      1. He lives in the same area as me so I see him fairly often! Wenger is (and always will be) a total legend in my eyes anyway. Are you a gooner too?! X

      2. My ex was Chelski… But you’re a talent, so I think I can make an exception, just this once! (Don’t tell anyone)

      3. Haha, nah no pressure at all, just got excited when I read that you were there, i dont expect anything in particular, just something.

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