Things I am thankful for today, in no particular order:

Brother. Literacy. Tap water. Clean water. Hot water. Water. Books. Niece and nephews. Dental care. Boyfriend. Ex-boyfriends. Writers. Orange juice. Venlafaxine. Passport. [Access to] art in all its forms. The staff at this hotel. Bob Dylan. The right to vote. Broccoli. A smile from a stranger. Ocean. Free contraceptive injection. Sleep. Sleep without nightmares. Eggs. Arsene Wenger. Silence. Oxybutynin. Cerveza. Being born and raised in London. Being in Mexico. Having a bank account. Having eyes. Having had the best Dad in the world. Every single soul who reads my writing. Every single soul who told me not to give up.

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15 thoughts on “Thnxgiving

  1. I love orange juice, eggs and I admire Arsene. I love my mom, and I also love access to different art forms. This post cheered me up immensely. I had a terrible day, and so, thank you for this.

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