A Song For World Mental Health Day

A Song To Say Goodbye by Placebo (2006)

This song (a track on ‘Meds’ which is one of my all-time favourite albums) is always with me during dark times. The 8 minute video had such a huge impact on me when I first watched it.

Although the lyrics are about heroin addiction, the video showing the little boy looking after his dad who is clearly suffering from severe mental illness(es) is absolutely heartbreaking. And it’s such an honest portrayal of what it is to feel suicidal even when you’ve got someone in the world who loves you and wants to help you.


I think about this video as being an example of raising awareness of (or perhaps confronting people with?) mental illness before it was “cool.” (Cool to be open about mental health, not cool to be mentally ill: it is not cool to be mentally ill: it is a waking nightmare: the next ‘Stressed, Depressed, but Well Dressed’ t-shirt or noose made of flowers I see I will set on fire: I will set something on fire if I don’t like it because I am mentally ill: it is not cool, it is fucking hell on earth).

To watch the beautifully shot and produced video click here.

To listen to short version of the song sans video click here.

Awareness is all very well and good but where’s the help? Where’s the support? Where’s my fucking cure? I hope someone discovers one soon.

In the meantime, let’s all strive to be kinder to one another. Mental illness costs lives but kindness costs nothing ♥

An aside: Today is the birthday of a girl who used to be my bestest friend. We fell out when we were 16 and haven’t spoken since 2011 but I still think about her often. We used to listen to Placebo and had many a crazy time together. If I could say anything to her it would be:

Happy birthday, doll.
You made it: 27. Don’t join the club.
I’d break the back of love for you.
Red & yellow ‘for ever’ xo


  1. Great yet heartbreaking video and song. I hope more research goes into finding a cure for mental illness. You’re right: kindness goes a long way in the meantime. Sending thoughts of wellness your way. xx

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