You’ll never be a stranger to me

I know you too intimately

And yet we sit

                       Me with a new lover
                         (here at this table)

                                         You with another
                                       (there at that table)

Sep                 a                  rate               ly

So                   very                   separately

And we pretend

[that years weren’t spent
that promises weren’t kept
that we never shared a bed
that we never planned to wed]

That we’ve never met

                 That You don’t know Me
                 (sitting here, behind You)

                            And I don’t know You
                            (sitting there, in front of Me)

And maybe that’s true to some extent

So much time has passed

And yeah, we didn’t last,

But you’ll never be a stranger to me

[because some memories
are impossible to delete
and, wherever you are, near or far,
you still make my heart dance fast]

And I’ll never be a stranger to you

Tabula rasa would be impossible

After all that we’ve been through

Originally published at Free Verse Revolution here.


  1. Your content is always excellent and so, I’m going to do something different and comment on the structure of this poems. The structure adds to the distance and closeness that a past relationship brings. I especially loved how you put things in parentheses and separated lines. And the trochaic meter was a touch of gold. Kind of like e.e Cummings with a little bit of modernism.

    1. Oh I’m so glad you appreciate the structure! I’m always a little nervous when experimenting with form but your comment makes me glad to step outside of my comfort zone. Thank you so much, lovely Nitin! ♡

      1. You’re welcome. I feel the same way when I write something experimental, but I’ve realised that change is a good thing. You never know unless you try.

      2. I would, but I need to find a bar that’s not riddled with techies and hipsters! And drinking alone at home became a problem once.

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