Face / Eyes

[Part of the Body Series]

My eyes give me away.
They are mine
but you see your self
inside them.
They are sad.
They betray me.
They suit me.
They betray me
all of the time,
at any opportunity.
Sometimes I try
to pull my eyes
out of their sockets
so that I can’t see
any more badness.
They stay where they are.
They are full of bad news.
They are kind and wild
at the same time.
Soft-boiled like dad’s were
but my smiles don’t reach them
like they always did for him.
At least I have good lashes.
They are dense black holes
when I’m on drugs.
They are bright orange
when they’re out in the sun.
They see too much
when they are shut.
They betray me daily.
They are incapable
of unseeing
and oh, fuck, my eyes are running

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