Needles (2)

[Part of the Body Series]


1: upper right thigh: Latin script: a bad job, artist was too heavy-handed: permanently raised, a black scar: disappointed that it didn’t hurt: later discovered it was the old brand motto of Pall Mall cigarettes, which I smoked at the time: oh how we laughed

2: right wrist: important: special: unique: perfect: thank you, dad!

3: upper right thigh: wanted to feel physical pain to detract from my mental pain: took hours: in colour: don’t like it one bit: saving to get it covered up: recently saw a porn star with the exact same in the same place: she wears it better

4: right hand: stick n poke prison tatt: black ink turning green: love it: sorry mum!: but not really: not at all

Coming soon: le grand cover-up + a tribute to my niece and nephews – but what and where? TBD [suggestions welcome]

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