Needles (1)

[Part of the Body Series]


Left ear: 4 on lobe: 3 cartilage: rook, anti-tragus, helix

Right ear: 6 on lobe: 3 cartilage: helix, forward helix, tragus

Nose: left side: girl at school said I’ve got an ugly nose: was v. upset and determined to get a nose job: thought instead of hating it I should draw more attention to it because fuck you, Antonia: pierced with an earring: re-pierced thrice: now closed: unable to re-pierce (too scarred inside + drug damage): I miss it

Nose: septum: didn’t last long: “unprofessional”: inappropriate for work: got in the way of drugs: “why have you done that? you are not a cow”

Lip: bottom left: snakebite: was locked in room after being caught shoplifting on Oxford Street: reasoned that if I caused more trouble inside the room than I could out of it, mother would let me out: cut my hair off then decided to ruin my face: pierced with the safety pin that held my school skirt together: shoved a trashy “diamond” stud in it: plan worked: now closed

Bellybutton: over a decade ago: in a field in Holland: pierced with a fork by the bassist from Bloc Party.

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