The Building: An Olfactory Journey

Entrance: Cold – Rain – Paper

Stairs: Damp – Vomit – An aggressive amount of air freshener

Flats 1-8: Burnt toast – Weed – Cheese on toast – Lynx shower gel – Chinese takeaway – Church – Rice – Weed

Stairs: My childhood best friend’s house

Flats 9-16: Radox bubble bath (the blue one?) – Dust in a vacuum cleaner – Sunday Roast (lamb) – Coffee – Play-Doh – My grandmother’s kitchen in Warsaw – Fried onions and garlic – Stale air/smoke/romance

Stairs: Hairspray – Lavender

Flats 17-21: Bins – More onion, garlic, tomatoes, herbs – Fabric softener – Vanilla and stale cigarette smoke – Calvin Klein Obsession

Stairs: Rain – Mould – Cold

Emergency exit: Cat piss.


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