In the split second / Before we crashed

I finally discovered / What it feels like / To be alive.

It is a peculiar existence / For those of us

Who only feel alive / When on the cusp of death.

In the minute / Before we crashed

He took off his seatbelt off.

He was not afraid of death / For he was alive / And he knew it.

He had lived for a long time / And had been alive all the while.

Death can do a lot of things / But it can’t undo

All that living.

And Death knows it.

Reworked and republished for Hijacked Amygdala here.

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  1. God I related to every ounce of this. You speak the words most people can’t even think let alone write down. Your passion for life, alongside your awareness of how much it can suck, lends you that gravitas and honesty that we all long for in writing. Oh how I adore you.

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