splashy micro-hothouses
no humdrum engagements
styled heads
wild-card zing
attentions jostling
is more
is more
is sex and pain
is tears and blood
and then
the bomb effect
the essential details
the newfound frankness:
“there will be more stories.”

This is an erasure poem made from words found on pages 63 and 99 of Vogue (May 2018, British edition). This post was originally published on Hijacked Amygdala here.


  1. I love erasure poems! They’re so much fun. This one turned out beautifully. I love the curated spontaneity of them, if that makes sense? Making something entirely new from something already out there.

    1. Yes that makes a lot of sense, I actually created this after reading an article about “found poetry” and its different methods/techniques – they’re all arty and cool, you should look it up, you might stumble across a new method to try out :) xx

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