Come here
lay beside me
in the dark
we’ll feast on pieces
of each other’s broken hearts
and eat jalapenos
straight from the jar
and while you’re busy
finding stars in the knots of my hair
I’ll ignore the world outside the window
that’s damaged beyond repair

and you can read
Byron to me
and describe the faraway lands
that I’ll never get to see
and I can be your
favourite little coke whore
and then we’ll curse society
for making us slaves to wanting more
and more, and more, and
I’ll say, “At least in prison we’d get 3 meals a day,”
and you’ll laugh and say,
“Darling, we’re all on death row anyway,”

then when our veins contain
more bourbon than blood
we’ll go Bonnie and Clyde
on this sorry town –
we’ll hold up the offy
we’ll hold up the sky
we’ll rob them for candy
and sparkling wine
with the moon as our witness
we’ll run for our lives
I imagine that you taste divine, but
you are not mine
you are not mine.

This version originally published on Hijacked Amygdala here [15/04/16].

♡ Happy New Year, darlings! xx

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