What To Read…

when you’re in the waiting room at the sexual health clinic with a bunch of judgmental, stressed-out women and obstreporous teenage schoolgirls and the whole system is running 2 hours behind schedule, where the only other reading material consists of pamphlets on pregnancy, guides to gonorrhoea and advice on abortion, and you’re desperate for a smoke but have been told by the undeservedly sassy receptionist (who has proven herself countless times to be about as useful as a chocolate teapot) that if you go outside and the nurse calls you, nobody will come and get you and the nurse won’t wait 10 seconds for you to finish your fag, you’ll just lose your appointment so you’d better stay put and ignore whatever the bitches around you are saying, trying not to listen to the receptionist loudly discussing patient’s’ private matters to her mate on the phone, resisting the urge to tell the girls playing obscene “music” on their phones to shut the fuck up or you’ll shut them up yourself, trying not to clock-watch or tut when somebody who just arrived gets seen before you, and basically just trying not to punch anybody in the face:



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