​Friends in Low Places

A stranger came up to me one night on the South Bank to tell me that she always sleeps with a loaded gun under her pillow in case of intruders and that she wakes up every morning feeling severely pissed off that nobody tried to break into her home because she is desperate for the opportunity to “legally” kill someone so that she can know what it feels like to take a life. At the time I was too high and apathetic to appreciate her story and didn’t give her the attention she deserved. But now I wish that I’d asked for her address. Then maybe we both could’ve got what we wanted.

The moral of the story: never cast someone off because they seem crazier than yourself – their lamentable lunacy may, in fact, become useful to you one day.


4 thoughts on “​Friends in Low Places

  1. I to love ❤ this post.
    I was actually talking to a homeless woman at the bottom of the stairs of waterloo station . She to had a similar but much sadder story and thought how lucky we were to be who we are ….
    Also to think it could happen to anyone of us.

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