It is with a broken heart and trembling hands that I write this post to say that my amazing father passed away on Wednesday 26th October at 7:55 pm.

After 15 years of defying doctors’ expectations, beating medical odds and spending every day quite literally fighting for his life, all of his suffering is over. And while his death has been a long time coming, we are all in shock and can’t quite believe it. I keep expecting him to call me, and keep adding bits to his weekly grocery shopping list, and I honestly don’t understand how the world is still turning.

I feel so, so, so lucky to have known you – you truly were the most remarkable human being. You taught me everything I know (most invaluably you taught me how to read and write). I am utterly privileged to have had you as a father and am forever proud to be called your daughter. I will miss you with every beat of my heart.

No more pain, Pops. You’re safe now. Thank you for everything. My best friend, my hero, my biggest fan, my world.

I love you Daddy, oodles and oodles, forever and a day.

Rest in paradise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just found these photos on my dad’s tablet, taken Spring 2015





  1. My sincerest condolences Helena – I’m sure he’s watching the Gunners and having a grand old time up there

  2. Much love and hugs dear. My dad passed away when I was 3, and life never felt quite the same since. But please, please always remember, he’s still got your back. I’ve never once felt that my Dad left my back, and I know you will always know too, that your dad will always be with you. You don’t have to stay strong- take pain with fear, heartbreak and courage. Take care love.

  3. “I write as if to save somebody’s life. Probably my own. Life is a kind of madness that death makes. Long live the dead because we live in them.”

    My deepest sympathies.

  4. Hey, I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you truly love him. I’m glad there are some special pictures of you both from his tablet.

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