Hold On

Good: got the keys to my new flat
Bad: my uncle died suddenly

I’ve had another typically mixed week. I’m surprised that I’m still cracking on with things, business as usual, getting things done, running errands, keeping up appearances. I want to crawl into bed and not speak to anyone for a while but I don’t have a mattress or bedding or anything and I have responsibilities, so that wallowing will have to wait.

Everything is very confusing but I don’t have the time or energy to be afraid.

Last week’s post on Hijacked Amygdala is one of my most personal pieces to date. It’s a series of 10 parts entitled The Retrogression of Self which explores my (terribly unhealthy) relationship with drugs and alcohol. It’s like a treatise on addiction and features sections that have been written while I’m actually under the influence, as well as during sober periods of my life. It took two years to compose and it really killed me to write it but there you go.

This week’s post on Hijacked Amygdala is probably an easier read called Want – a simple insight into my mind (which, depending on who you ask, is mental or magical or both).

Now it’s time to drown my sorrows in the spirit of the bank holiday weekend.

Stay safe, kids.



  1. I am sorry your uncle passed, and I am very happy you got the keys to your new place. May this be the start of very wonderful things. Hold on. Things can surprise us. You have so much within you. A little power house.

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