Overheard on the 263 bus towards Highbury & Islington

Teen girl 1: Oi, sometimes I proper forget that penguins are birds.

Teen girl 2: Oh my god, me too! I get that all the time, seriously, it’s so weird.

TG1: I know, init it’s just so confusing? Oh my god.

TG2: Like, literally so confusing.

TG1: Do they fly though? I don’t get it.

TG2: Yeah and like, do they just eat ice all the time? Or do they eat each other?

TG1: Fuck knows, man.

TG2: Oh my god, wait, don’t penguins eat fish?

TG1: How the fuck would they do that, birds can’t swim, man, except for like ducks and swans and shit.

TG2: Oh yeah.

TG1: Are they definitely birds though? Oi, Google it, man.

TG2: Nah, can’t be arsed.

TG1: Fair.

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