I’ve had a really horrific week and everything is awful, but I managed to post something on Hijacked Amygdala, hurrah! It’s based on what happened yesterday morning. I’m not at all well or in my right mind but I’m glad I wrote something because all I wanted to do was survive til Friday to do my post on HA. Go have a looksie: http://wp.me/p7fAW1-q3

I’m now not really sure what to do with myself. I have no more “real responsibilities” until Monday, so I could go into hospital now or leave the country or go down to Finsbury Park and sleep in the sunshine or jump off a cliff or go to sleep or watch a movie. All of these things require effort, which I do not currently possess. I don’t even have the strength to kill myself, I couldn’t possibly pull it off in this state that I’m in. But I wrote something on HA which was my big target for this week and I’ve done it and that’s really good, even if the writing is not good, I still did something good.

I’ll post something when I’m better, whatever that means.

Peace and love Xx


  1. This was my week last week, but you one upped me by getting shit done on HA. Hope you feel better soon and I love your writing <3

  2. It was a lovely post thought. I was hoping it was not real. Now that I know it is, I’m hoping that you have someone near you. Stay alive, cool girl. We don’t have to crash and burn in our twenties… xxx

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