High Enough

Another Friday, another post up on Hijacked Amygdala! Suicidal short prose this time, with a suitably morbid accompanying photograph… – http://wp.me/p7fAW1-mH

It’s Friday and I’m sober. This is fucking horrible. I forgot how grim the first 2 weeks of cold turkey are. Mental and physical anguish aplenty. If I’m not thinking about wine, I’m thinking about crying. Blergh. I tried to remember where I used to hang out before I started drinking, then I realised that I have essentially been inebriated for the past decade.

I’m off to the pub to have a glass of orange juice.
Wish me luck!
Or shoot me.
Either is fine.



5 thoughts on “High Enough

  1. I’m an alcoholic in recovery (as they say). Yes, looking at everyone drinking and talking a big pile of shit is definitely a spur to not participating. You’re stronger than me though; I couldn’t have gone anywhere near alcohol at the point you’re at. And well done you! x o x

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