The Day of Rest

Overheard in McDonald’s.

Guy 1: Isn’t this quite a rough area?
Guy 2: Yeah, a 22 year old got stabbed to death down the road last week during a row over £120.
Guy 1: Christ.
Guy 2: Yeah.
Guy 1: Shit. That could happen to us at any moment.
Guy 2: No, Jim, it’s Sunday.
Guy 1: […]
Guy 2: The psychopaths are all at home, resting.
Guy 1: Oh.
Guy 1: What about the sociopaths?
Guy 2: They walk among us, Jim. They walk among us…

Poor Jim. On a related note, I took a test to find out if I have psychopathic personality traits. It turns out I am not a psychopath because I would feel bad if I saw an injured stray animal, and I care what others think of me. Phew! Although sadly that means I can’t get a full house win on mental health bingo, goddammit.

This is my last night of drink, drugs and debauchery. Tomorrow I am to be reunited with my old friend Cold Turkey. But for now, crisp chenin blanc, and crushed-contraceptive-and-caffeine-pills-cut-with-cocodamol-chalk-and-speed-masquerading-as-cocaine. Nosebleeds ahoy!



    1. Well, some people are seemingly incapable of feeling empathy towards others. If I remember correctly, people on the autism spectrum struggle with feeling empathy and understanding other’s pain, particularly if it’s just a “random animal” that has no meaning or connection to their life. And then you’ve just got total assholes who don’t care for anything but themselves. But I’d like to think that the majority of the human race would feel compassion when necessary. Xx

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