Wife of Crime (6)

The ‘Wife of Crime’ series is based on true events. This is the final installment. Click here for Wife of Crime (1) – Wife of Crime (2) – Wife of Crime (3) – Wife of Crime (4) – Wife of Crime (5).


Oh, I don’t know. It’s not that I miss all that, that life. I don’t.

There’s just something precious about knowing that you are the person he wants to speak to, who he will use his single phone call on when he’s banged up in the local nick.

He wants to talk to you. You are the first to know. And his future is suddenly in your hands, his well-being is based on your actions alone. He wants you. You are his one phone call. You have to answer it or it’s gone. He depends so much on you. He sounds so relieved when he hears your voice. And you feel a lot safer for hearing his.

There’s just something special about that.

That’s all.




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