Wife of Crime (2)

The ‘Wife of Crime’ series is based on true events and will be published in daily installments. Click here for Wife of Crime (1).


And before you start having a pop at me for making crime seem appealing, well, it was appealing. I cannot glamorise something that is already glamorous.

I loved being on his arm. I loved going to the big fights in my sequinned dress and drinking champagne with the other girlfriends and wives while our troublemaking better halves were off “sorting something.”

It was always great to get the gossip on who’s done what to whom, as long as it wasn’t your man that was in the middle of it. Then you’d get pity smiles instead of obsequious ones, and we much preferred the latter.

Then of course there was the drugs, the money, the cars, the holidays, the gifts, the fancy meals. And the band of powerful associates that I now called “family.” And the respect. And the fear.

All we had to do was keep our ears open and our mouths shut. Piece of cake.


Frances and Reginald Kray – April 1965



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