La Luna

The moon looks so beautiful tonight; the perfect sliver of silver looks so shocking against its concrete backdrop, so confident, so imposing.

I love our moon far more than the sun for its ability to stir up thoughts and feelings that would otherwise lay dormant. I’ve also always been fascinated by the connection between the moon and moods.

I feel like I’ve written a fair bit about the moon and have been listening to Bowie’s space songs this week so thought I’d do a roundup post, a selection of my favourite musings inspired by the goddess in the night sky.


Nighttime Royalty
Poem in response to Daily Prompt ‘nighttime.’ Originally published 20th August 2013.

Observing the Moon
Short journal-style post at the height of heartbreak. Originally published 6th November 2014.

Look At The Moon, Baby
On the link between the moon and mental illness. Originally published 3rd February 2015.

Man On The Moon
My favourite short prose piece. I remember it being really difficult to write and I wouldn’t let it go until it was perfect, which took weeks! Originally published 10th July 2015.

Most recent, true prose. I think you can clearly see how much my writing has developed over time which makes me really happy. Originally published 11th January 2016.


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