“Love is merely a madness; and, I tell you, deserves as well a dark house and a whip as madmen do; and the reason why they are not so punish’d and cured is that the lunacy is so ordinary that the whippers are in love too.”
– from As You Like It by William Shakespeare 

I’m very confused tonight, today. My brain is all muddled up and I can’t seem to grasp even the simplest things, like what I think about this quotation that’s been sloshing round and round my head since this morning. I know I’m tired now as I’ve had a long day, but I’m not usually this disorientated. I feel totally unhinged. I’ve been confused all day really. About big things, important things, complicated things. I am very sad but mainly confused. I’m still sober though, that’s the main thing. I have almost completed the difficult first 72 hours without a drink. I’m exhausted. I’m confused. I’m sober. X

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