I pretty much never post any of my art on this blog. I wanted to keep this blog as my writing space, and keep the art separate. Plus, I get massively stressed out about copyright on my work (it’s really sad when I see my work doing the rounds on tumblr – I know it’s out of my control, as once something’s on the internet, it’s out there for the taking, but I’ve seen my work on websites glamourising self-harm, suicide, eating disorders and mental health in general which disgusts me and makes me angry – I don’t want to be associated with these sites. And people like to edit my signature out of the corner, which is just blatant stealing.)

But I thought I’d take a gamble today and post my newest ink drawing. I found some pigeon bones this morning and drew this using the bones dipped in Liquid Indian Ink. The colour details are watercolour. The title is ‘Raincheck’ – hope you like it! xx


2 thoughts on “Raincheck

  1. I like this. I can see There’s a lot of emotion and thought into the relatively simple ink “hourglass” figure. The detail in her eyelashes, the whispy hair. And the colour! The rain reaching down to her hand. The dashes of red in her sacred places. Do please keep sharing!

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