Sober Saturday & Seven Sad Statements

The following statements are true:

1) I do not feel safe.

I do not feel safe where I live – in this room, in this building, in this town, in this city, with these people. I just stepped into the bathroom and locked the door and said to myself, “I’m safe now,” because the door is locked. Then I realised that I am not safe at all. Anyone could come up to the window and smash it. I tried to think of a place where I would feel safe. On an empty beach? At the top of a mountain? In his arms? No. I could not name a single safe place.

2) Even if I were totally alone, with nobody around to hurt me, I would still not feel safe.

I am not sure why this is – I think having the knowledge that people exist, that society continues, that humanity breeds, that evil people are thriving all over the world, that bad things are happening everywhere at this precise moment time would keep me feeling scared and stop me from feeling safe. Even if human beings can’t physically reach me, they exist, and so bad things can and will ensue.

3) Even if I were totally alone, with nobody around to hurt me, I would still not feel safe, because I am a danger to myself and I am scared of myself.

I did not feel safe in the locked bathroom like I should’ve because I was alone with myself and my sick mind, and the potential for damage, destruction and death was overwhelming – and I knew it.

4) I will not feel safe until humans cease to exist.

5) I will not feel safe until my diseases cease to exist.

6) I will not be safe until I cease to exist.

7) Thus, I will never feel safe.

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  1. I get this. It makes perfect sense. But it is the sense of a mind that will learn new perceptions. You will get through this. Life will be better one day. In time, new life will bring you new realities.

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