Note on ‘Your Name in Flames’ composition

It has taken me a very long time to write this poem, which I finally managed to finish this afternoon and post for you. The premise had been in my mind for so many weeks but I just couldn’t put the images into the words that they deserve. And initially I envisioned it as a four-line poem, a really simple quatrain about one image, but it needed more space to breathe on the page; plus, over time I had gathered more ideas that I wanted to include and so of course the poem became the length that it is. And after about 10 weeks of thinking about how this poem was going to go, it only took me about 20 minutes to write.

This poem is actually referring to three people although I have written it “about” one. My feelings towards these three people are very unique and complicated, and it was painful for me to write. But today I feel more accepting of my pain and accepting of being alone in my suffering – these three people are not here to save me, nor should they, nor are they going to. So writing Your Name in Flames proved very cathartic. My destruction has proved to be constructive – art is born from death. I need to be my own hero. Happy Sunday xx


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