All Fools’ Day

Today: Wednesday 1st of April

Mood: 6 out of 10

A phrase to sum up how I feel: Too weird to live, too rare to die.

# of days sober: 45

# of Easter Eggs purchased: 6

# of Easter Eggs consumed: 1

# of cigarettes smoked: 7

# of tears cried whilst watching The Theory of Everything: 31564237951682

Good things
: spent time with my niece and nephew, the children were well-behaved, set up new printer/scanner/photocopier successfully – without breaking it, put clean sheets on bed, ironed some shirts without burning myself, my skin has started to tan, haven’t had sugar in my coffee for two weeks, looking forward to sleep.

Bad things: nervous about the weekend, feel sick, still confused about the clocks going forward, can’t concentrate on art or reading, London is on fire, the cuts on my arms look so ugly, generally feeling vaguely panicky and uncertain about everything, want to have bath but have no hot water, haven’t heard from you, would like to see you.

hospital appointment with C and LC, then get some tattoos done.

Friday: End of Lent – return to drinking alcohol.

Saturday: Arsenal v Liverpool @ pub, first date with A @ Camden Town.

Sunday: Too far away to say.