Castles Made Of Sand

When I see you, I crumble. Everything inside of me falls apart. With a single look, the castle that I have carefully built for myself crashes to the ground and I lie paralysed, devastated, in the rubble and dust. You ruined me. It hurts to see you. When I see you, I crumble.

I wait patiently for the one who provokes the opposite effect. I wait for the man who will make me melt purely from the sight of him, who conjures within me every firework-, shivering- and butterfly-related lovestruck cliche simply by his existence. The sight of him will make me fall apart in the best possible way.

I will unravel at the seams so that only the best parts of me can escape, yet he is not afraid to discover my worst parts. He adores me when I am sunshine personified, he adores me when I rain, he adores me when I’m a hurricane. And whenever I see him, whenever he walks into the room, whenever I hear his voice, I do not crumble, I melt.


  1. I’m in the middle of falling in love right now and it doesn’t feel like either of those things but I hope it becomes the second one, sooner or later. Or maybe it won’t and it will just be one chapter in my life. Who knows. Either way, this is Kait from Don’t Flinch — if you didn’t know that. I moved to a new more secret blog to keep my family from reading it.

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