I’m with you in Rockland.

5 days sober

I’m very confused. I mentioned this to my psychiatrist when I saw him a couple of days ago, that I am growing increasingly confused and disoriented and really struggling to understand and remember basic things. Nothing makes sense and it’s pretty scary and I think my brain is broken so I’d like a new one please. He said, “I can’t help you,” and then he must have clocked the horror on my face and so he said, “I don’t know how to help you.” I was shocked because when I saw him last he was very helpful and informative and understanding. He wasn’t very sympathetic about my suicide attempt– in fact, he didn’t really seem to care about it much at all. He told me I have pseudodementia then he printed off a web address which links to the KCU page about mindfulness and I laughed for a while, part nervousness, part disbelief, and then he said, “See you in 3 months, Laura” which isn’t my name.


  1. I know you love to read, a book that really put saneness, or the lack thereof, into perspective for me was “Liber Novus”, otherwise known as “The Red Book”, by Carl Jung. Couldn’t hurt to check it out and it may just give you some answers you’ve been long looking for. There are free copies available online in PDF form also.

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