Coffee & Cigarettes

Taylor Mead: I know, let’s pretend this coffee is champagne.

Bill Rice: Why would we do that?

T: Well, to celebrate life. You know. Like the rich, elegant people do. The classy people.

B: I prefer coffee. Simple, working man’s coffee.

T: Oh, you’re so provincial Bill.


T: I propose a toast.

B: So what should we toast?

T: Oh, god… Paris, in the 1920’s. Josephine Baker, the Moulin Rouge. Q’est-ce que c’est… [mutters, trails off]

B: And also, New York, in the 70’s. The late 70’s.

T: Really? Oh, alright.

[they touch cups]

B: Cheers.

T: Cheers.

[they sip their coffee]

B: Mmm. Délicieux, isn’t it?

T: Oh, champagne; nectar of the Gods.

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