Dreams don’t work unless you do.

I start every day in the same way. The best way to start the day? With a cafe au lait, a Marlboro light and a positive mental attitude.

I am very aware that one thing I lack in my life is consistency; that’s why I always have a boyfriend because I feel safer having a consistent male figure in my life, in fear that my Daddy will no longer be around. I don’t have consistent moods, attitudes, values, morals, or even a consistent personality. I am a very volatile young lady. I don’t always have somewhere to live, I usually have no money whatsoever, I don’t eat regularly, I don’t sleep as I should. I have come to realise that the only thing that has been consistent throughout my entire life is my dreams.

Two days ago I discovered the opportunity of a lifetime. I won’t disclose the company name for fear of them uncovering my blog. But basically, one of THE biggest international publishing houses (actually, I do believe it is THE biggest, most successful, multi-billion dollar, internationally acclaimed PH in the world) has opened applications for their 2014 Graduate Scheme. They pay graduates 27k to train them in skills used across all departments, but namely sales, marketing and editorial, so that after one year they become fully-fledged Publishing Media Executives, and are guaranteed a job within the company with a starting salary of 35k. Holy. Fuck. This has got my name written all over it.

It is my dream. Right there, advertised on their website. There. My dream. And probably thousands of other young girls’ dream too.

I have to write the most important letter of my life today. Writing to the Director of the company expressing my interest, with a covering letter and my CV enclosed. How can I possibly put into words how badly I want this opportunity? 

Words keep popping up in my head. Daunting. Scary. Exciting. Failure. Success.

But my dreams won’t work unless I do.

So I’m going to crack on with my freakish females in American lit essay, because to even stand a chance of getting a place on the scheme, I actually have to graduate….

Wishing you all a wonderful day xxx


  1. Definitely a great post – I think you just put into words how a lot of us feel. The dream job pops up on the job page, how can I prove they need me as much as I want them!!

  2. Go for it, Helena! Very best of luck in your dream-scape, letter-writing, getting it out there! Those who don’t dream trudge around in a deepening groove with one foot pinned to the ground. Life ain’t safe or cosy or predictable. We just have to fizz and whirl and dip and darken and take flight and weave in and out of Moon and Sun, Yin and Yang, ecstasy and despair. xxx

  3. Great post :) consistent dreams shows how badly one want to achieve those dreams, playing over and over again in the head…making us remember the thing we desire the most.

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