A Postcard from Heartbreak Hotel

Hello WordPressers!

Checked into Heartbreak Hotel at around 6 am this morning.
It’s a really nasty place, the establishment is run by the partnership Pain & Misery (& Co.) There are lots of rules here. Lots of stuff isn’t allowed. Some examples:

Can’t write
Can’t write poetry
Can’t write essays
Can’t read books
Can’t read articles or journals
Can’t read magazines or newspapers
Can’t read poetry
Can’t study
Can’t eat
Can’t sleep
Can’t breathe

But I’m allowed to do some stuff, such as:

Cry excessively
Throw up at thought of him/her having sex with/loving someone else
Chain smoke
Wallow in self pity
Beat oneself up
Cry some more
Text him/her getting everything you want to say off your chest
Make promises to self r.e. mistakes not being repeated, moving on to bigger and better things, finding suitable replacement man/woman asap
Send message officially saying goodbye to him/her
Dwell on things you cannot change
Cry over happy memories
Cry over sad memories
Block/delete off Facebook
Block/delete phone number
Make friends force-feed you tuna pasta
Watch back to back episodes of Sex And The City (1998 series)
Play terrible pranks on parents b/c of April Fools’ Day and laugh hysterically
Cry until your eyes are swollen shut
Ignore physical pain in heart
Beat yourself up again
Ponder all the things you would change/do differently if you had a second chance/could turn back time
Cry and cry and cry it all out.

I’ve had enough of this place. Been here for not even 24 hours and I just want to leave already. I’m gonna check out tomorrow morning when I wake up.

Depression is home, Happiness is just a place I visit once in a blue moon.

I’m done.



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