Born To Be With You



This was at your annual cricket club dinner and dance in October 2013.

We went for monochrome that night. White and black, black and white, yin and yang.

I’m wearing the $700 watch that I secretly hate but that you’d get upset over if I didn’t wear it.

Every October I “quit” smoking. That means, pretending to you that I’ve quit, not smoking when I’m with you, and then puffing away furiously as soon as you leave.

I remember why I wasn’t kissing you back in this photo. It’s because M had just given me a cigarette, and I’d told you I was going to the toilet when actually I was having a crafty cig outside.

I was really aware that I would taste of tobacco so just laughed off your advances.

I’d do anything to have that moment back, and I would kiss you properly, and savour the moment forever.

Monochrome. Black and white. Yin and yang. Two perfect halves joined together. That’s what we were.

The best team. The best of friends. We told each other everything and anything. Shared everything we owned. If anyone was gonna take over the world, it was me and you.

All our plans baby, all our plans. That wedding. Those babies. That house in Essenden. All that money we were gonna make together. All that happiness we were going to gain.

We were so happy.

I am going to keep fighting until you are mine again. We are too good together to give up. We’ve got money to make and babies to have. I am not giving up on Us.

I love you my chicken nugget noodle pie xxx


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