Lithium Update

I’ve had a few emails from followers asking how my lithium carbonate therapy is going, so here’s a quick update!

I started taking lithium on 03/03: I had my baseline blood tests in the morning and took 400mg of Priadel in the evening.

My baseline blood test shows that my kidneys are working fine, and so is my thyroid, so the treatment can commence.

On the 13/03 I discovered the level of lithium in my blood to be 0.4 (that is, low) so my lithium intake was upped to 600mg by my GP and the nurse who takes my weekly blood because my psychiatrist is fucking useless and “was busy” that day.

Then on 20/03 my blood test results showed my lithium level to be 0.3. This is absolutely fucked up and wrong, and I have no idea what has happened because again Dr T isn’t around to explain things to me.

I have remained on 600mg because Dr T hasn’t been in contact to increase my dosage.

I have a blood test tomorrow morning, I will get the results on Wednesday and hopefully my lithium level will be around the 0.6 mark upon which my dosage will be increased accordingly by any health professional who happens to be around on that day cos Dr T sure as hell won’t be.

Apart from having no support from my psychiatric team (Dr T is more crazy than I am, and my CPN is taking her annual 3 week break) which has made me a bit panicky and confused, lithium appears to be working its magic.

I wake up in the morning and don’t feel suicidal, which is a first. It’s so strange I think I wake up feeling, what’s the word… stable. There I said it! I don’t want to get ahead of myself by saying this drug is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and how I’m in Recovery thanks to lithium and blah blah blah, but I do believe that something is working in my veins and my brain.

I feel less angry and agitated. Before, I was permanently agitated, always on edge, but now I feel more easy going, more relaxed about things. I wouldn’t say I’m totally chilled, cos things still upset me and get me worked up, but I’m less dramatic about things now, I don’t fly off the handle anymore *touches wood*.

My shakes are really bad though. It’s worse on the right side of my body than the left, my right arm is totally out of control. Apart from that I’ve had none of the horrible side effects that I’ve been warned about. My weight has remained the same although I keep binging on junk, and it hasn’t affected my sleep (my sleeping pattern is still terrible, and I’ve run out of Zopiclone and Dr T isn’t around to give me more aghhh!)

I just feel more… peaceful. Less “all over the shop.” I feel like I can carry out daily tasks now without it being a gargantuan effort. I definitely feel that my decision making is more rational and less crazed, and I feel like I can write and study which are the important things. I just feel generally okay, instead of up down up down up down down down down up down. I feel more B A L A N C E D.

Thank you all for your concern/intrigue, I will post an update with my lithium levels when I get this week’s blood test results.



One thought on “Lithium Update

  1. That’s good to hear. I have had positive results from Lithium as well, with shakiness on my right side. It’s mostly a fine tremor that I notice most when using a mouse/spoon/fork/writing implement. The way I look at it, I’ll take the negative effects if the positive effects are so good.

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