The Mess of Men

All of you
My boys
My guys
My men
All a mess
I can’t remember
which of you
live where
work where
study where
do you have kids?
do you have a girlfriend?
am I meant to be your girlfriend?
Such a pickle
Such a mess
I can’t keep up
I love it
I love all of you
In different ways
You all look after me
Fuck me then
care about me
more than you should
You’re all worried about
this poor little girl you’re
shagging once a week.
Bless you all
I hope you make
a lady very happy
one day, the way
You all make me
Happy with your
tongues and touches
gentle and forceful
rough and smooth
You all make me feel
good and I love you.


2 thoughts on “The Mess of Men

  1. Thank you for sharing post, And …..all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Much love. :)

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