Memories of my Teenage Self

Do you remember
when we bunked off
school and had an
afternoon party?
Smoked all the reefa
partied in my underwear
Cookie Jar was playing
and it all made sense.
Do you remember
when we climbed onto
the roof of your shed
and each drank a bottle
of Nytol, then spaced out
watching the clouds?
Do you remember
running around Dam
Square with Wok in a
Box? We drank too much
Jager and that Ribena shitmix
and the boys were
disappointed in us/jealous of us.
Do you remember catching
Swine Flu in Belgium and
playing the £2 coin knuckle
game on the train home?
Do you remember the Friary Park
Days? The Finsbury Park Days?
The Alexandra Palace Days?
Do you remember when we
fucked in the park in the
middle of the day after
too much Vodka and Fanta
Fruit Twist?
Do you remember breaking
into The Priory as a shortcut
to the park, and seeing
Amy Winehouse smoking
a gret? Do you remember
all the Camden Town days
when we wrote our names
under the bridge in eyeliner
when we stole those
expensive earrings,
returned them,
got a refund,
and spent the money on
fried chicken and cider?

Do you remember
when 10 ciggies cost £1.59?
Do you remember when you
loved me? Do you remember
all the promises we made?
We touched the sky then
Were ready to die.
And everything made sense.

Tell me what you think!

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